HPI Series High Performance Installation

A new approach to an old problem

Both old and new venues are rarely designed for easy audio installation. The very compact size and high power output of the HPI range is a low visual profile solution for most public spaces where high fidelity and voice intelligibility is required. The design benefits of light weight and high power make the HPI products also make a great mobile A/V and live production partner.

Putting the energy where it is needed

Quest has refined the technical art of asymmetrical audio projection for the HPI110/111 loudspeakers – Locating the sound where the audience is, and not to the walls and ceilings. The result is high intelligibility vocal imaging in reverberant venues. Whether an array or single box system, installation is simple and functional.


Multi-purpose 2-way Passive Speaker

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Quest Engineering HPI110


Mid Powered Compact Speaker System

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Quest Engineering HPI111

Small boxes that pack a punch

Mission designed as the “invisible audio” solution. As high power handling elements for a stand alone or distributed system. True fidelity voice and music at high sound pressure levels is possible, without the big box distracting visuals. Multiple rigging options allow HPI to reach its full potential.


5" High Output Loudspeaker

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Quest Engineering HPI5


Compact Passive Loudspeaker

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Quest Engineering HPI25


Multi-purpose 2-way Passive Speaker

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Quest Engineering HPI8i

All the Accessories

The QR rigging system enables the full design potential performance of the HPI system. The system designer/installer can position single boxes or complete arrays for best coverage performance and tidy visual presentation.

HPI Rigging

Mounting Options & Components

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Quest HPI Rigging Reference