HPI18BP Compact & Ultra High Powered LF System

The HPI18BP Bandpass 18" Subwoofer - how to get the most power and output from the smallest size.

The AES 1,000W – Peak 4,000W single 18” bandpass subwoofer is a high output and relatively compact solution for extended range bass over long durations. The HPI18BP is suited as a stand-alone unit or as part of a high powered large venue system. 

The combination of high tech hand built Australian made driver and bandpass design means high efficiency, and very high output. The HPI18BP is ideally suited to electronic dance music in medium to large venues over long duty cycle durations.


Quest HPI18BP

A Closer look

With the 1W sensitivity of 103 dB at 40 Hz, the HPI18BP is remarkably efficient for such a high-powered subwoofer.

The Australian designed and built 18” driver is the heart of the system. This unique driver is engineered to maintain stability throughout the entire power band, and delivers a uniform and stable frequency response at all power levels. A unique achievement for a high-powered subwoofer system.

The result is that no corrective system processor is required to maintain consistent audio quality. The stability of the driver under high loads also means reliability and long life in demanding environments.

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Big Bass in a Large Permanent Installation

This solidly built bandpass subwoofer is tuned low for electronic music, and for projecting that big live sound "kick" into larger venue spaces. Particularly when set up as a ground stack in a vertical array.

Stacking the HPI18BP package benefits from low bass port coupling to deliver extended low frequency output in large venue spaces with the capacity to carry over a long distance. The compact size and high output makes this powerful low frequency system easier to conceal within modern venues.




HPI18BP Dimensions
HPI18BP Frequency Responsive Graph

* Quest Engineering reserves the right to make changes in specifications, or products without prior notice.
** The figures shown above are ‘real world’, usable specifications and are conservative as a result. Quest Engineering does not believe in portraying misleading or exaggerated specifications.
Design Model Two Chamber Bandpass
Frequency response 30 Hz – 150 Hz +/- 4.5dB
Sensitivity 103dB @1W, 1m
Max. Average Calc. SPL 136 dB
Woofer  Single High Stability 18"
Optional Fittings Speaker pole
Connections NL4 in/thru
Rec. Amplifier Power 2 - 4000 Watts RMS per channel
Power Handling
AES: 1000 Watts*
Continuous Program 2000 Watts
Peak: 4000 Watts
Fittings 1 x Speaker Pole Cup 35-37mm
Dimensions (H x W x D) 595mm x 750mm x 825mm
Net Weight 60Kg
Shipping Weight 66Kg
* AES power is determined according to AES2-1984 standard in free-air 40Hz-400Hz. A 2-hour test using pink noise with the specified dynamics and frequency content that matches the driver’s frequency range. Maximum recommended program power is twice AES power providing the safe excursion limits are not exceeded.

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