Quest MX wins awards for form and function

The MX Series High Fidelity weatherproof speaker system has been awarded the internationally recognised Good Design Award; not once, but twice. To win design awards in the 21st century, the product needs to meet a number of design qualifications, not just look good and be functional. Today a winner must  exceeded (exceed) the strict evaluation criteria for design excellence in form, function, safety, sustainability, quality, commerciality and innovation.

The new MX series brings a new design aesthetic and high quality audio to indoor/outdoor audio. The new patented mounting system is a winner in its own right and will soon appear as a range of loudspeaker and compact screen installation products. This is probably the first loudspeaker to win for both the speaker performance and the mounting bracket (System).

Soon the MX mounting system will be available as a range of products under the sub brand Quest UB Series. With an optional accessory adaptor plate, the UB series will be able to mount and install all the smaller HPI series loudspeakers and any wall/ceiling mount products that have two 75mm fastener spacing.

Good Design Award