Feature Audio Installation for the recently renovated Stone Hotel

Brunswick Street Fitzroy, close to the centre of Melbourne has always had a reputation as a "fringe arts and culture" and with a history dating back to 30’s prohibition sly grog bars to 70’s counterculture.

These days the strip is the gateway to Melbourne’s Bohemian street culture and at the entrance of this modern incarnation of Bohemian Melbourne is the Stone Hotel. Now open after a long and thorough renovation.  The rebuilding of this heritage building was a considerable undertaking and along with the rebuild came a new audio system. Owner Tom Tschui and his father (another Tom) selected sound designer Richard Hallam to provide what every club owner wants but often doesn’t get… "An audio system that will do every type of function and music and be able to do it 20 hours a day and be easy to operate by any employee".

This is exactly what Richard delivered with a distributed combination of Quest HPI 8i/HPI5 and the super compact HPI12S sub bass. All supported by Quest electronics.

The venue is on two levels with an outdoor area on each level. Weather resistant Quest MS series cover the outdoor areas.

Because of the Quest asymmetrical projection benefit of the HPI8i speakers, a potentially reverberant area is controlled and the sound is crisp and direct.

Each area is zoned and the sound pressure level is uniform and smooth. This works both for inside and outside the venue. Higher SPL is where it is needed without causing noise problems in this inner city area prone to noise sensitivity.

Welcome to The Stone and HPI8i Welcome to The Stone and HPI8i

 The Stone Hotel Brunswick The Stone Hotel Gateway to the Brunswick Entertainment Precinct


QM10DC monitors The upstairs bar with HPI5 filling in the audio gaps

Distributed system of Quest HPI8i  HPI12S subs and HPI5 A distributed system of Quest HPI8i HPI12S subs and HPI5 can deliver full range background music early and DJ until late

 HPI8i wall mount HPI8i is the right choice in a reverberant environment

 HPI12S subs mounting HPI12S subs are for that nightclub big bass without the loss of space

HPI8i in the corners HPI8i in the corners can cover a large area

HPI5 in a vertical array HPI5 in a vertical array

Quest MS601 wall mount - The upstairs outdoor area The upstairs outdoor area with Quest MS601

Quest MS series - out door mount No Problems out in the weather with Quest MS series

Quest MS601 wall mount Quest MS 601 for the Downstairs outdoor areas

Sound designer Richard Hallam under HPI5 satellite speakers Sound designer Richard Hallam under HPI5 satellite speakers